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Development of a municipal cogeneration platform


Stadt / Klimaagentur Essen

Klimaagentur Essen, today Grüne Hauptstadtagentur


Within the governmental project “Energy Efficient City”, the city of Essen dedicates itself with its environmental agency to the promotion of cogeneration


The aim of the project is the encounter of energy consumers and suppliers of CHP services. The development and implementation of cogeneration projects shall be reached through a multi-stakeholder market place where buyers and sellers come together. The marketplace should be both virtual as internet market place and practical through encounters with own scheduled events.


Main results of the project are:

  • Development of an overall concept for the promotion of cogeneration by a cogeneration market place
  • Identification and mobilization of key actors
  • Design and implementation of events
  • Development of a website for CHP in Essen

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