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DFIC supports you as a management consultant and as flexible and vertically integrated service provider. Concept development is characterized by our interdisciplinary approach and DFIC ‘s broad expertise as well as its worldwide network of qualified experts and partners. Therefore we can offer a wide range of customized services and combine policy advice with success-oriented implementation.

The long-term benefit for our customers is always at the forefront. We take “partnership” with our clients literally as very often your actual priorities can only be identified in the course of joint kick-off activities.

Project synthesis in team work
Project synthesis in team work

Therefore we specifiy concrete ideas and actions to achieve your goals so in the context of your needs that knowledge transfer takes place, which gives our customers a sustainable competitive advantage.

Through its subsidiary in India and its established partner networks DFIC has access to a broad insider knowledge in numerous markets. We provide our customers these advantage as integral part of our consulting.

The focus of our conceptual services lay on techno-economical analysis and concept development. The development of concepts ranges from energy audits and detailed stock taking and analysis of the actual situation, through the identification of potentials and the development of measures, up  to the implementation, planning and monitoring.

Since more than 17 years DFIC supports and advises private companies and public entities in the development of climate protection concepts and in the fields of structural organization as well as integrated energy supply concepts. Moreover DFIC advises municipalities in the design of strategies and services in the fields of environmental and climate protection and implementation of appropriate measures. Long term viability and sustainability form a central part of our consulting approach.

Transformation of the energy sector

Organization and processes must continuously be adapted to strategy and environment. Here are efficiency and staff at the forefront. Thematically driven by the 3 "D“: digitization, decentralization and de-carbonization, a transformation of the traditional energy sector is necessary in order to adapt to future market requirements. DFIC offers especially for utilities a transformation and strategy consulting adapted to individual needs.

Market development

DFIC works hand in hand with its customers as a partner and drives them to successful market development, We are accompanying through the identification and development of business models, target customers and concrete projects, success oriented up to contract signature. One priority area ist the diversification and (further) development of energy services for utilities, such as energy supply or performance contracting services for example. This involves in particular the design of innovative operating models.



As part of the technical consulting DFIC produces tailor-made studies in the fields of:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Market studies
  • Financing studies with technological and/or geographical focus
  • Energy supply studies
  • Energy efficiency studies




  • Development of a concept for a service platform in the fields of cogeneration
  • Development of contracting energy services for an energy provider
  • Concept for the offer of energy services to clients in an industrial estate
  • Development of a municipal energy recovery concept
  • Development of a concept for market entry and PPP for energy saving in Jordan
  • Development of a concept and consulting for the implementation of a program for energy services, energy saving, renewable energies and cogeneration
  • Concept for the implementation of PV contracting in industrial estate in South Africa
  • Development of a concept for international marketing and market entries for a new laser-assisted gas monitoring technology
  • Consulting for market entry and internationalization
  • Concept for the internationalization of a public educational institution
  • Concepts of market entry into the German market

Potential analysis for industrial area
Potential analysis for industrial area


  • Study “the German market for Energy Services in the public sector“ and development of a market entry strategy
  • Feasibility study for cogeneration
  • Feasibility study for a wind park from large energy consumers in Tunisia
  • Conducting energy audits DIN EN 16247-1
  • Market study „ Route-to-market – the German PV market“
  • Study on Capacity Building in the fields of energy efficiency in the Maghreb region
  • Realization of a practical guide for experts in emerging and developing countries – Cogeneration and trigeneration
  • Study on biogas financing options for the South African German Energy Programme (SAGEN)
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Consulting for market entry and internationalization
  • Market study as preparation for the market entry on the US market of a new laser-assisted gas monitoring technology
  • Realization of the country profile „Renewable energies in France“ for the promotion of renewable energies on foreign markets
  • Evaluation of a program for transfer and export of environmental technologies to Asia
  • Study on financing of operation models in South East Asia
3D model for urban development
3D model for urban development

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