Promotion of cogeneration and contracting in the frame of the SAGEN Programme in South Africa



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South African National Energy Development Institute (Link)


Under the South African German Energy Programme SAGEN, energy efficiency is to be improved by the development of an active market for energy services in South Africa. The National Energy Institute SANEDI has been defined as "facilitator" for the development and promotion of this market and will be assisted tor the development of the ESCo market.

Cogeneration and tri-generation should be promoted as a contribution to a climate-friendly and efficient power generation.


Aim of the project is to bring forward the promotion of energy services and cogeneration technologies by improving the framework and capacity building / training and thus to increase the energy efficiency in the country.

Study tour energy efficiency
Study tour energy efficiency


To promote cogeneration, the topic was included in an energy efficiency support program. A concept for the development of human resource capacities and for structuring the capacity development has been developed for the areas of contracting and cogeneration. In addition, a concept was developed to establish a sustainable and dynamic market for energy services and cogeneration. The development of technical and organizational knowledge was reached through various types of training and know-how transfer (on-the-job training, numerous workshops and several study trips).

Pilot projects have been developed both in the fields of cogeneration and energy services / contracting.

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